Herpes: The Spiritual Teacher & Pain in the Ass

At this time in my reality, I believe that all physical ailments are manifestations of non-physical issues. I say "at this time" because the idea has been brought to my attention years ago and I rejected it as one of the dumbest things I had ever heard. At that particular time, I was experiencing a new, major health issue and a coworker handed me a book that described what emotions triggered certain illnesses. So I flipped through to Bladder and was greeted with something like, "repressed anger blah blah blah your bladder is angry blah". As I handed the book back to her (likely laughing) I had no idea that was my introduction to seeing illness in a new way.

So what's this all have to do with herpes, you ask? The past couple days I have been gifted with a particularly painful herpes outbreak. So, like I do for pretty much everything now, I turned to Google to get the internet's opinion on the metaphysical reason for herpes. I've done this before and all I seemed to find at the time was along the lines of, "feelings of shame around sex" or something. Whatever it was, it totally didn't resonate with me.

I stumbled upon an article by Giana Scaramucci called Herpes and AIDS: The Spiritual Significance of Sexual Diseases. She writes, "Herpes (affecting a man or a woman) is directly related to sexual abuse and or dishonoring of the female vessel, a sign of the physical body rebelling against violation.

Well, fuck. That sounds about right. The lump in my throat pretty much confirms it. So now what? Scaramucci also mentioned that unexpressed creativity can be a factor in the development of herpes and how intense the symptoms are. Since I'm currently experiencing some fairly intense shit, I'll take this as a sign to break out the paint and coloring book. 

What it feels like, to me, is that taking some time to connect to the Divine Feminine would help me a lot. We are coming out of a time where the Feminine was seen as lesser than the Masculine. As we move more and more into balance, our old ways (of thinking, living, existing, talking, fucking) are not only being challenged but are being dismantled bit by bit. Reclaiming the power and awesomeness of the Divine Feminine is the name of the game for me, apparently.

So I'm going to go outside and pretend I'm an Amazonian warrior princess. I'll give some extra love to my root chakra today in meditation and I'll break out the art supplies and do something cool. Moving into greater states of consciousness is not easy, but if the universe is prescribing playtime outside and coloring, I'm sure as hell not going to complain. 

While I go play with my inner warrior princess, what do you do to reconnect with the Divine Feminine? Have you noticed the Divine Feminine in you calling out for more love and attention? Tell me all about it! I've got extra coloring books if you want to join me :)